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Sylvie Lemercier is an intelligent, attractive, and “sportive” forty-year-old whose husband, Nicholas, has just been murdered. Born in rural New Zealand, she retains something of an appealing naïveté distilled by a discerning mind. But after his death, Sylvie discovers, with reluctant fascination, more about Nicholas than she ever could have imagined. Nicholas and Sylvie meet the day the Berlin Wall came down when Sylvie was only twenty-one. “Her mind coveted the new politics as much as her body yearned for sexual adventure. Sylvie’s optimistic sense of history had not yet ripened into any kind of caution. A sense of longing that she couldn’t quite comprehend conspired with the moment. She welcomed the caresses that seduced her. Submission had never been so pleasurable.” Nicolas turns out to be a womanizer who participated in art theft with ex-members of the infamous Stasi, the East German Secret Police. He managed to stay just one step ahead of the law, but years later his past finally catches up. Sylvie receives an unexpected visit from a friend of Nicholas, revealing more unpalatable truths of her dead husband’s past. She travels to France and Berlin, to discover yet even more secrets, ex-lovers and, ultimately, her husband’s killer. This explosive novel takes unexpected turns as it reaches its hopeful and poignant climax. Originally from a small town in New Zealand, Alexander Logan retired after several years as the director of the Maxim Institute, a think tank in New Zealand. Previously, he was involved in teaching and education. He has lived for extensive periods in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, as well as Ireland, France and New Zealand. He is working on his next novel. Publisher’s website:
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