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Becoming the Man that Women Desire

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| This is a follow-up to a video that I posted a couple months ago called, What do Women Want? I found that several viewers werent taking in the message I was trying to get across, and instead really wanted to know ho...

Why We Get Nervous in Group Conversations

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| I often used to get nervous, self-conscious, and really overthink situations whenever I was among groups of people. I often felt uncomfortable not only in the conversation, but even after I left the situation--I wou...

How to Receive Advice and Embrace Your Desires

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| The best advice is the advice you give yourself. \r\rThats something I truly believe, and in this video I explain what I believe is the strongest way to internalize the advice that we receive from other people. \r\r...

MOTIVATION: Overcome the Fear of Failure and Take the First Step!

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| Too many times we get stuck in one place, unable to move forward from where were at right now because of one simple thing: \r\rWere afraid that we wont make it.\r\rWere afraid that were not good enough.\r\rWere afra...

Sexual Communication: How to Escalate & Amplify Sexual Attraction

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|\r\rFacebook Page: \r\rShogo on Twitter: \r\rContact Shogo: \r\rSubscribe on YT: \r \rThanks for watching!

How to Feel Confident and Secure in Bars & Clubs

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| Do you get nervous, anxious, or insecure going out to bars and clubs on the weekend? \r\rWhen I went out to bars every Friday and Saturday night, I would often stand in the corner, clutching my drink, looking at all...

How To Appreciate A Womans Beauty

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| What does the word beauty mean to you? How do you perceive beauty? How do you value a physically attractive person? What do you appreciate when you see a beautiful woman?\r\rBeauty is not easy to define in words, no...

Mastering Small Talk (Pt. 2): Connect Deeper with Small Talk

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| In Part 2, we further explore small talk and how to truly see the PERSON behind the WORDS when were in conversation.\r\rMake sure you watch PART 1 to get the full lesson on mastering small talk! \r\rFacebook Page: \...

Never Get REJECTED Again: Understand the Rules of the Game

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| When was the last time you were rejected by someone? How did it make you feel? Sad? Angry? Like youve failed?\r\rIn this video, I discuss what rejection truly is: why we feel rejected, why we get down on ourselves, ...

What Do Women Really Want?

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| What do women desire? What is it that women really want from men? How can you become a man that women want? \r\rThese are the age-old questions that men have been asking themselves since, I suppose, the first men wa...

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