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Directed by : Tom Tykwer
Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 2 h 27 min
French release: 04/10/2006
Production year: 2006

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is born in 1744. Right from the start, his is a destiny as fascinating as it is terrifying. A solitary, sickly child, he develops into an exceptional young man because of his unique gift: his sense of smell. Grenouille’s sole passion is fragrances, perfumes, odors, and each second of his life is guided by this overdeveloped sense.
Surviving in a miserable manner, he manages to get an apprenticeship with the capital’s master perfumers. He then discovers the techniques and secrets to manufacturing perfumes. His gift allows him to compose a few perfume masterpieces. But his ultimate aim rapidly becomes to create the ideal fragrance, one which will enable him to instantly seduce anyone who crosses his path. While researching ingredients, Grenouille is irresistibly drawn to the natural perfume of young women. He is driven to kill many in order to steal their odor.
A monstrous genius, a murderer closed-off to the morality and the values of the world around him, Grenouille spreads fear as he travels the land. All those who cross his path meet with awful fates. The absolute perfume is now his obsession. Nothing will stop him in his quest for a power unlike any other.

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Seduce Women