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If you are seeking a more aggressive approach to weight loss that can nearly double. ..even triple your fat loss results, than I’d encourage you to pick up a copy of the exclusive fat-burning system called the 3-Week Diet. The methods taught in the 3-Week Diet has helped thousands and thousands of people to reach their weight loss goals. ..even people who were at their wits end. ..people who failed at one diet after another, have seen truly remarkable success with the 3-Week Diet.

One of the cornerstones of the 3-Week Diet is the 3-Pound Rule. The 3-Pound Rule ensures that the weight you have lost, stays lost forever. It works like this: Once the 3-Week Diet is complete… or once you have reached your target weight, you will continue to weight yourself every day (upon waking, after urination, before your first meal). If at any time the scale reads 3-pounds or more than your target weight, you immediately begin Phase #1 of the 3-Week Diet until that weight is back to your target weight (usually 1-2 days is all it takes).

This allows you to enjoy “cheat” meals every once in awhile, while still staying slim. By continuing to stay active and by following the 3-pound rule, you will be able to easily keep the weight from coming back and continue to improve your body day after day…for life!

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